The project

E.QU.A.L Upskilling pathways Italy

The E.QU.A.L. action contributes to preparing the ground for the effective implementation of the Upskilling Pathways Recommendation in Italy by providing a concrete contribution in the identification of the main elements of an UP strategy. It does so by mapping existing policies, tools, and resources following the three-step approach envisaged by the Recommendation (skills assessment, personalized training and skills validation); developing a methodology for the identification of priority groups that can be customized to the needs of the different regional contexts; developing a model for the implementation of the UP building on existing practices.

It works in close cooperation with relevant actors in the field of adult learning and main bodies in charge of the UP strategy in order to ensure that activities and outputs are tailored to their information needs and their awareness is raised. To this end a multi-level and transnational partnership has been developed, involving public and private bodies covering different geographical levels.

Outputs and deliverables will be assessed and disseminated to relevant stakeholders as well as to the general public through a multi-channel communication strategy.