E.QU.A.L. partners in Milan for a two-day visit and for the III Steering Group meeting

On 1 and 2 July E.QU.A.L. partners gathered in Milan for a two-day meeting. On 1 July, E.QU.A.L. partners had the opportunity to visit CAPAC – Politecnico del Commercio e del Turismo – a foundation that offers training and job services, co-financed by Region Lombardy through specific programmes. CAPAC management presented all core activities such as apprenticeship, internship, relocation of unemployed (Dote Unica Lavoro) and certification of competencies (CERT’APP). Following the visit E.QU.A.L. partners held the III Steering Group during which they discussed the progress towards completion of the fieldwork activity aimed to produce case study reports (WP3) and planned the future activities of the project, namely the study visit in France and dissemination activities. On 2 July E.QU.A.L. partners took part to the seminar “Certificazione delle competenze, costruire e consolidare identità professionali” (Certification of competences, building and consolidating professional identity). The seminar was the occasion to discuss results, strengths and weaknesses and future perspectives of the memorandum for piloting competences’ certificates within the regional VET system signed in 2010 by main trade unions (CGIL, CISL, UIL), Assolombarda and Lombardy Region.