Project Equal presented during a study visit of a delegation of Turkey, in Rome from 7 to 10 May 2019

In order to see the work done in Italy by competent National Authorities on lifelong learning and adult education policies and programs, within the framework of the implementation of the European Agenda on Adult Learning, a Turkish Delegation composed as follows:

  • Mr. Murat AŞIM The head of Social Partners and Projects Unit, LLL GD, MoNE
  • Ms. Meltem Gülnar- Ministry of National Education -Project  Coordinator
  • Ms. Mehtap Akgün Ministry of National Education – Project Staff
  • Mr. Can DEVECİ Ministry of Justice (stakeholder)
  • Mr. Harun KAYIM Turkish Employment Agency (stakeholder).

had the opportunity to meet INAPP experts, representatives of Ministry of education and Ministry of Labour and to visit CPIA 4, an Adult learning Center based in Rome.

During this visit the E.QU.A.L. project has been presented by the INAPP staff, highlightening its objectives, activities and outputs yet available.