A Vision for the future: the second Policy Learning Forum on Upskilling pathways held in Brussels on 21-22 May 2019

Policy learning fora (PLFs), developed by
Cedefop, are opportunities for countries to discuss critical challenges they
face, generate knowledge and help them to learn from each other. Bringing
together relevant VET stakeholders from different countries PLFs may also act
as a site of consensus-building around shared problems. The 2018 PLF
demonstrated that establishing an adequate social dialogue and involving social
partners and other relevant civil society organisations in the design and
implementation of the upskilling pathways vision is crucial. Cedefop and EESC
second policy learning forum on upskilling pathways: a vision for the future
starts from here. It builds on the outcomes and common challenges identified in
the 2018 PLF and aims at bringing together stakeholders to support them in the
implementation of upskilling pathways for adults. The seminar provided
participants with an opportunity to discuss the Cedefop’s analytical framework
proposal, a tool to read the phenomena and related evolutions related to adult
learning and the necessary development and strengthening of adult skills in

The agenda of the event can be accessed here